The book looks at the emergence of drama as a modern literary and artistic form and chronicles the creation of modern Japanese drama as a reaction to both traditional (particularly kabuki) dramaturgy and European drama. Translations and productions of the latter became the model for the so called New Theatre (shingeki), where the question of how to be both modern and Japanese at the same time was hotly contested. Following introductory chapters on the development of Japanese drama from the 1880s to the early 1930s, are translations of nine seminal one act plays by nine dramatists, including two women, Okada Yachiyo and Hasegawa Shigure.

L27. Both cyclophosphamide and glucocorticoids have well recognised toxicity in particular when used in high doses and over prolonged periods. Remission is however no cure and relapses are common, requiring prolonged remission maintenance therapy for the majority of patients.

CASTAGNETO CARDUCCI. Un assaggio di Ornellaia e l’inconfondibile atmosfera della Toscana. ciò che caratterizza il design del Ristorante Ornellaia a Zurigo, firmato dall’architetto svizzero Tilla Theus. Nello Stivale, con sempre pi “logge divise, magari con pochi fratelli per loggia, dato che si presa la malattia dell’italiano che se non fonda cinque diversi partiti non contento”, ci sono “circa 50.000 fratelli fra uomini e donne”. I riti sono ancora quelli: “Ci si trova due volte al mese, nella casa della loggia e si da il via ai lavori vestiti di tutto punto: grembiule, simboli e gioielli a seconda dell’anzianit poi si da il via ai rituali”. Piemonte e Toscana hanno “tanti fratelli”, l’Emilia “decisamente pochi”..

New developments in endoscopic diagnosisPar ailleurs, il faut bien distinguer les trois missions diagnostiques de l’endoscopie. L’endoscopie vise: a)à mettre en évidence une lésion dans un secteur à risque (détection), b)à déterminer la nature d’une lésion détectée (diagnostic de nature ou biopsie optique), c)à aider à apprécier les contours de la lésion (bilan d’extension). Les lésions néoplasiques prennent naissance dans la lumière digestive et l’endoscopie est donc en théorie bien adaptée pour la mission de diagnostic de ces lésions.

And to really counter those occupational biases or those role biases, you need guidelines to help casting directors slow down and be thoughtful and really consider broadly the talent that can fill different positions that are oftentimes very minor in films, but are important in terms of building a pipeline of talent.Well, I think, informally, many times, actors have negotiated through their representatives with different production teams or studios about what they value.We took it a step forward. We concretized the language, ensured that there are inclusion criteria in defensible language that actors can use.And we have given out that language to multiple individuals that are very prestigious when it comes to their acting careers and have met with entertainment attorneys and agents across the industry. So it has been in use.And had I known this was coming, I would have received or reached out to get permission to talk about the people who have used the rider.